Family Proceedings Court Report Writing

I am a Chartered Member and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and a Senior Accredited Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. I have a Doctoral research degree in psychotherapy with children and families and am also a Chartered Scientist. Since 2005 I have produced over two hundred assessments and reports in family proceedings to help courts make decisions about best possible care for children. My reports include assessment of attachment in children and adults. Sources of information include thorough investigations into the many layers of family life including documentation research, combined with sound clinical judgement and articulation of family experience. The ability to link both narrative and scientific psychometric tools provides a coherent, clear, clinical opinion to support professionals and families in the best and safest outcomes for children. Please click to download a full copy of my C.V I am fully CRB checked. As well as this experience I have formal qualifications in the field of work as an Expert Witness. These include:

  • Bond Solon and Cardiff University Certificate in Expert Witness Practice
  • Cambridge University and British Psychological Society Certification in Psychometric Testing to BPS Standards.
  • Membership of the Psychometric Testing wing of British Psychological Society to include forensic test methods.
  • Published Author in my field of expertise i.e. child wellbeing and mental health.
  • Pearson Assessment Clearance at CL1 Level to use all of their Psychometric Tests.

I am trained and qualified to use the following tests but have access to many more.

Child Attachment Interview: Developed by University College London and The Anna Freud Institute. Adult Attachment and Reflective Functioning Test: Developed by University College London and The Anna Freud Institute. The Parent Child Relationship Inventory: Testing major aspects of parent child relationship including communication and adaptation to the role, boundary setting and attitudes to parenting. Beck Battery of Inventories for Children: Testing depression, anxiety, anger, self concept and disruptive behaviour. Beck Depression Inventory for Adults: Testing depression in adulthood. Millon Personality Inventory: Children, Teenage and Adult Version. Any use of the Millon for assessment is supervised and confirmed by a Clinical Psychologist. Childhood Trauma Inventory: Testing the impact of Trauma on children and young people. IAPT Psychometric Tests for Children aged 8-18: Developed by the NHS to test common mental health conditions in children and young people known as Rcads Testing – tests, depression, anxiety, attachment anxiety, social phobia, obsessive compulsive disorder. ADOS – Autism Diagnostic Test: Standard test for assessment of probability of Autism in infancy, childhood and adulthood. Connors Test for Adhd: Standardised Test for Probability of Adhd in Childhood PIRAT: Parent Infant Relationship Assessment Tool Developed by the Anna Freud Institute.

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