40. Research references that inform our work

row of books. Research-References-that-inform-our-work

Research and Practice that Informs Our Work and our Advice Leaflets.

Compiled by Dr. Joanna North.   

Dr. Steven C Hayes.
Professor of Psychology at University of Nevada.
A Liberated Mind.
Research on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.
Published by Vermillion 2020

Professor Dave Howe,
Professor of Social Work. 
University of East Anglia,
Attachment Across the Lifecourse.
Published by Palgrave. 2011

Professor David Howe,
Professor of Social Work
With Liz Trinder and Julia Feast.
University of East Anglia.
The Adoption Reunion Handbook
Published by Wiley 2004.

Practical Ethics in Counselling.
Linda Finlay
Sage. 2019

BACP Code of Ethics.
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row of books. Research-References-that-inform-our-work