Bessel Van Der Kolk explains trauma

Acclaimed psychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk, author of “The Body Keeps The Score,” discusses the widespread existence of trauma and how it manifests in our bodies.

Reunited – BBC Radio Programme

We are grateful to a member of our Adults Affected by Adoption Listening group who found this interesting programme about tracing birth relatives on ‘BBC The Digital Human’.  It gives …Read More

The Adoption WTF BLOG…

The Adoption WTF BLOG…

In our Adults Affected by Adoption Listening group we talk about anything and everything that is adoption related.  Of course including identity.  Here one of our treasured members is starting …Read More

Lizzie’s adoption search story


Lizzie writes for Adoption UK on the process of finding her birth mother that takes her on a journey she could not have imagined. She is generously sharing her story …Read More

Birth Records Counselling

Benefits of our Birth Records Counselling service: As an adopted person it is your statutory right to access your birth records. Sometimes it is stressful and time consuming to achieve …Read More

Seeking Connections


I noticed how hard adoptive people struggle with tracing their birth records which is in fact their statutory right. As a result I worked with Professor Beth Neal at the …Read More

Government Enquiry Into Forced Adoption

Government Enquiry Into Forced Adoption Between 1949-1976 Many adults continue to have their lives deeply affected by forced adoption during the period 1949-1976.  Last year the Government cross party enquiry …Read More