Adults Affected by Adoption

Joanna North Adoption now focuses on Adoption Across the Lifespan and this page highlights our services for adults who have been adopted. Adopted adults have a unique identity and broader perspective and understanding on what it means to be parented and belong in a family. But even the best adoption can leave an adopted person with questions about their life that they need answered. Often these answers can be found in birth records, and we are now running a Birth Records Retrieval Service, we also offer you time to think and reflect with others in our Adults Affected by Adoption Listening Group and to participate in our Blog by sending us news and articles on adoption (please contact us if you would like to contribute).

Jo North is involved in many aspects of adoption in the United Kingdom including being Chair of the Consortium of Adoption Support Agencies as well as sitting in on the Ofsted Social Care National Consultative Forum and a forum set up by University of East Anglia to explore adoption services for adults – IASA Headed by Professor Beth Neal. Last year she completed research with University of East Anglia on the challenges that adoptive adults have in retrieving birth records. Jo also runs a psychotherapy and counselling service for adults affected by adoption. There can be unintended consequences to adoption such as attachment insecurity and anxiety about relationships together with the trauma of losing loved ones. Do contact us for information about psychotherapy for adults affected by adoption.

Government Enquiry Into Forced Adoption

Government Enquiry Into Forced Adoption Between 1949-1976

Many adults continue to have their lives deeply affected by forced adoption during the period 1949-1976.  Last year the Government cross party enquiry reported on the pain that this has caused, interviewing many mothers, fathers, siblings and adopted people.  We are keen to see the recommendations of this report implemented.

If you are a person affected by forced adoption (whether you were adopted, were a mother or father forced into adoption) and you wish for expert counselling and psychotherapy support please contact Joanna North for costs.

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Listening Group for Adopted Adults

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