Adoption Advice Leaflets

Over years working in the field of adoption we have had a chance to work with many people who are going through an intermediary search process, and we have learned much from this from our clients.  In this range of forty leaflets, we want to share knowledge and understanding with you on the many highs and lows of the journey you may be thinking of making:  from the sunny uplands of being in contact with a long lost relative to the lows and confusion of relatives who don’t wish to be in touch or indeed of finding that your relative is deceased.

It is unusual for any human being to embark on a task where they are unsure of the actual outcome and we must warn people from the outset that despite their investment in terms of time, money and emotion in our service, they may not get the outcome that they wish for.  We have worked with many people through days of the unknown and we understand that this is arduous.  We wish to soften these blows as much as possible and our duty of care provokes us to protect you through good information and a closely guided process.  So whether you are managing a non-contact outcome or you are trying to work out why the work takes so long or indeed why it provokes anxiety and why we are always measuring risk and undertaking safeguarding measures and paying attention to history, then take a good look and see if you find some re-assuring words to support you.

Our Adoption Service for Adults Affected by Adoption is always on hand for enquiries, please contact us. We are rated as Outstanding by Ofsted but we are not complacent and it does not make the task any easier for any of us. We wont hide, this is a complex venture, and it will involve the highs and lows of life and a good deal of life skill to get through. We hope that this reading will help and if not do talk with us about our service.

This is a private fee-paying service but if we can we will direct you to other services that support free of charge.

Dr. Joanna North
Constultant Psychotherapist (Adoption)
Spring 2024.

Adoption Advice Leaflets