Government Enquiry Into Forced Adoption

Government Enquiry Into Forced Adoption Between 1949-1976

Many adults continue to have their lives deeply affected by forced adoption during the period 1949-1976.  Last year the Government cross party enquiry reported on the pain that this has caused, interviewing many mothers, fathers, siblings and adopted people.  We are keen to see the recommendations of this report implemented.

If you are a person affected by forced adoption (whether you were adopted, were a mother or father forced into adoption) and you wish for expert counselling and psychotherapy support please contact Joanna North for costs.

Sorry, but not quite sorry enough:

Here you can read the Government Response to the Committee’s Third Report:

Article in The Independent titled “Government ‘sorry on behalf of society’ for ‘appalling’ treatment of unmarried mothers”:

And the Government responds to JCHR call for adoption apology (UK Parliament):

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