Reunited – BBC Radio Programme

We are grateful to a member of our Adults Affected by Adoption Listening group who found this interesting programme about tracing birth relatives on ‘BBC The Digital Human’.  It gives a realistic view of adoption tracing in the digital age and describes some of the challenges of the journey.

In the BBC The Digital Human radio programme Reunited, Aleks Krotoski explores what it means to reunite in the digital world.

Listen now:

More about the programme

We’ve all seen those TV programmes (and perhaps shed a tear) when long lost family members are reunited. Who doesn’t love a fairytale ending? Making those connections nowadays is simpler and faster than ever, thanks to a combination of DNA testing, digital records and the ease of gathering information and communicating online. But do these huge leaps forward we’ve experienced in science and technology mean that, sometimes, things can move a bit too quickly for us to process. Reunions don’t always involve a happy ending and can be complicated emotionally. So just because we can track someone down, does that always mean that we should? Aleks Krotoski meets five adoptees navigating aspects of reunion.