Adopted Adults Listening Group

This is not a therapy group, and we are not promising to change your life but participants really do experience a sense of being heard and understood by each other and that is part of feeling that life is more hopeful and that you can celebrate your unique sense of self.

As an adopted adult you will experience a unique set of characteristics that may make you feel set apart from others and sometimes alone. This feeling may have been with you since your early years even if you have had a wonderful childhood with the best adoptive parents and positive outcomes to your life. In our Group sharing for adoptive adults, we are in a position to allow you the time to reflect on your lived experience as an adopted person which may include just some of the following:

  • Feeling alone and different.
  • Not seeing people who look like you.
  • Not feeling you can tell the truth about your life.
  • Finding that people don’t understand you.
  • Feeling that something is missing.

Not giving a voice to this internal experience or your felt sense of the world can lead to troubling thoughts and upset that you cannot necessarily resolve alone.  In this group you may increase your sense of resolution by listening to others and sharing your own story.  You will at least find that you are not alone.

Adopted Adults Monthly Listening and Support Group

Our group runs monthly on Tuesdays at 7.30 p.m in the evenings for one and a half hours.  We will ask if you can agree to our ground rules so that we can keep everyone safe and comfortable at this meeting.  It will be your chance to:

  • Gain advice from those who have the same felt experience as yourself as well as our expert team.
  • Find solutions and resolutions by sharing with others.
  • Decrease your sense of isolation.
  • Increase your hope and value and celebrate your unique self as an adopted person.
  • Share your own experience.
  • Listen to the stories of other adopted people.

We can’t change your life, but we can help you to accept your life as it is now. The group will be run by our registered manager Dr. Jo North who is an experienced group facilitator and Intermediary worker.    We will also invite adopted people to co-run the group with us as we develop.

We look forward to meeting you there.

How do I join?

Email me at .

We will send you our ground rules and invite you to the first group which is via zoom.

If you feel this works for you then we will welcome you to further meetings.

Cant wait to see you there.