New edition of Mind Kind

Exisle Publishing has taken up sales of Mind Kind and it is now sold in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and America as well as the United Kingdom. We are very excited that Mind Kind is now available on this global scale so that many parents can benefit from the universal knowledge that it brings to help families harmonise their lives. 

British Psychological Society Award

We are pleased to announce that Joanna North has received: 2016/2017 British Psychological Society Professional Practice Award for Distinguished Contribution to Psychology in Practice.  

Jo North is undertaking a two month trial of the ‘Buddy System’

I am undertaking a trial of the ‘Buddy System’ methodology of enabling clients to work confidentially in therapy with me through e mail. This method has already been used within the NHS specifically in the Maudsley Clinic and has been noted to offer benefits to clients. This gives client’s a secure account so that they can write up a daily diary of their …